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pride and prejudice - yo folks I decided to reblog something - hello if you're still following me -


Marianne: Shall we continue tomorrow?
Colonel Brandon: No, for I must away.
Marianne: Away? Where?
Colonel Brandon: That I can not tell you. It is secret.
Marianne: You will not stay away long?

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sense and sensibility - Colonel Brandon - Marianne Dashwood -
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pride and prejudice -

… Elizabeth continued her walk alone, crossing field after field at a quick pace, jumping over stiles and springing over puddles with impatient activity, and finding herself at last within view of the house, with weary ancles, dirty stockings, and a face glowing with the warmth of exercise.

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janeites - elizabeth bennet - pride and prejudice - jane austen - jennifer ehle -

Happy 199th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice’s publication

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28/1/1813 is the day - the day that changed history foreverrr -


Favorite movies of all time → Northanger Abbey

“No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy would have supposed her born to be a heroine.”
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“Mr. Bingley’s sweet but he does not have a lot of brains. Jane is not too brainy either.”

 (Deborah Moggach, Screenwriter)

Sounds ‘bout right

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Dear followers

I am very sorry for the lack of posts recently. The reason for it is that I also run betonbranson and rosingspark, the former is a (mostly) Downton Abbey dedicated blog and the latter is my personal one. So, I’ve been having a busy time updating all three of them, but I use betonbranson most. So, I’d advice you to go and follow it if you want to know whether I am still alive or not. Not that anyone would want to know that, but if you are a creepy stalker who wants to know everything about my life, you might now be clasping your hands with joy and laughing like a scary stalker because you found a new source of information.

Yesterday I passed 500 followers! I want to thank you all for following me, it really means a lot to me that there are actually 500 people who like my blog and follow it. So, hereby I promise that I will post more. I really really promise. And if not: you can come and kill me.

Good, adieu.

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500 followers! :D - in which i come up with excuses for not posting -

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Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice -

Perhaps I did not always love him so well as I do now. But in such cases as these, a good memory is unpardonable.

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jane austen - Jennifer Ehle - pride and prejudice - Colin Firth -